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Keyfobs & Readers


15 jahre
Over 15 years of experience
10 millionen
Over 45 milion transponders sold
Short delivery times
Multilingual customer service
15 years Over 15 years of experience
10 millionen Over 45 milion transponders sold
 Short delivery times
kundenservice Multilingual customer service

The right RFID-solution for every application


Gyms | sports center | indoor sports


RFID Anwendung Bibliotheken, Universitäten, Schulen

libraries | universities | schools

Access control

RFID Anwendung Zutrittskontrolle für Unternehmen, Behörden und Ministerien

companies | authorities | ministries


RFID Anwendung Wellness Resorts, Erlebnisbäder

Wellness Center | Saunas | Spa

Hotel industry

RFID Anwendung Hotels

Hotels | Resorts

Free time

RFID Anwendung Freizeitparks, Skigebiete, Wasserparks

Ski resorts | Theme parks


RFID Anwendung Ticketing für Events, Sportereignisse und Messen

sporting events | festivals | fairs

EV Mobility

RFID Anwendung EV Mobility

Charging Stations


RFID Lösungen / Transponder für die Logistik

Machine control

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RFID Tags & Labels

Auswahl an RFID Lesegeräten


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Card Printer

About our company

iDTRONIC Smart TAG is one of the leading suppliers of innovative and customized RFID transponders and a specialized manufacturer of RFID-based smart cards and tags. Since 2003, the company has supplied the global market with more than 45 million RFID-based smartcards, keyfobs, wristbands as well as RFID tickets and labels in various form factors and designs.

Our core competence is the individual personalization of products and the creation of user-defined designs. All iDTRONIC Smart Tags can optionally be equipped with the common RFID standards LF 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz and UHF 868 MHz. As a certified partner for many years we offer the common chip types in various designs of leading manufacturers: NXP Mifare, Hitag, I-Code, LEGIC, Temic, 1DT-M1K / Fudan.

Smart Tags from iDTRONIC are used for various applications in fitness studios, libraries, access control, wellness, hotels, ski resorts, leisure and adventure parks, soccerhalls, swimming pools, ticketing, EV-mobility/charging stations and logistics as well as in many other areas.

The advantages of iDTRONIC Smart TAG:

  • High quality products
  • Production based on ISO9001
  • Large selection of RFID-ICs incl. microcontroller
  • Comprehensive personalization and encoding service
  • Short delivery times + quick service option
  • Creation of customer-individual designs
  • Production service also for small quantities
  • High production volume (up to 2 million units per month)
  • Competitive prices
  • Outstanding value
  • Comprehensive and professional customer service
  • Trained and product-oriented employees and managers