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Access Control


When talking about the value of RFID systems, access control is usually called in the first place. RFID systems provide this division really a wide range of options that are granted the admission or entry to a certain range

An access control system allows automatic monitoring of specific access areas a terrain, building or a technical device. An access control point can be a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier. There the access is controlled with using of RFID technology. In the used RFID technology is the data security very high

Event Management

Event Management

Another, equally good application area in RFID technology is the event management. Here, RFID is used at trade shows, conferences, and at large public events such as sports stadiums, at events and concerts as well as at shows and successfully used to detect the visitor electronically. RFID based tags and tickets help to automate a variety of applications. Through the RFID technology, the check-in process for customers much faster and more convenient.

The use of RFID technology in event management also supports marketing activities, visitor analysis and generates added values that can be used to promote sales. Tickets with RFID are an elegant defense against counterfeiting and piracy



There are also other good areas outfitted in its wide range of applications, such as the use of RFID technologies in library. In contrast to the conventional electro-mechanical or manual barcode card readers, which are used in libraries for decades, RFID systems offer more security and efficiency. This applies to the tracking of materials within the library, including easier and quicker Check-ins/Check-outs, as well as for inventory and material handling.

Thanks to the RFID technology all material can be handled without exception. Even Videos and DVDs can be tagged and identified. The RFID technology provides an almost 100 percent detection rate. There is no false alarm once an RFID system is properly tuned.

The main advantages of using RFID technology in libraries are:

  • High-speed inventory including identify items which are out of proper order. RFID technology provides the possibility to scan books on the shelves without removing them just by using a proper handheld inventory reader.
  • Rapid Check-in / Check-Out with fast stack reading and automatic book drops.
  • Theft detection hanks to the Long Range reading capabilities of the RFID equipment with extra-wide exit gates. The corridors at the building exits can be up to 1 meter wide.
  • Long tag life and high reliability.

iDTRONIC Smarttag offers a range of products designed for RFID based library systems.

Additionally at that time- and cost savings, this application illustrates the utility of RFID in a broad and diverse mass of applications.