Desktop Reader EVO – universal RFID Reader

This Desktop Reader is a compact and easy to use RFID Reader. The EVO Desktop Reader can be connected to any PC, Laptop, or any other USB port equipped device. Its compatibility with both Windows and Linux operating systems guarantees integration to almost every system.

For the HF and LF frequencies, the Reader is also available in an HID Version. In this configuration, the EVO reader will display the UID number in a preset format (e.g. hexadecimal or decimal).

A user-friendly Software Development Kit is included with the device, which may be easily downloaded on our homepage.

The EVO Desktop Reader is a versatile read and write device, which works by using any RFID transponder (e.g. smartcards, RFID wristband, key fobs).

Whether used for access control, membership registration, as part of a POS system, or for cashless payment, the reader is exceptionally easy to handle. Members, visitor, and employees just lay their smartcards, RFID wristbands, or key fobs on the reading device. A multi-LED frame displays the status immediately.