NEO – the cost-efficient reading device

With its USB 2.0 interface, this compact RFID reader can be easily connected to any PC, Notebook, Tablet, or other USB port equipped device. Thanks to the integrated keyboard-output (KEMU), the reading device simply needs a network connection to work properly.

As a Plug and Play Reader, the NEO Desktop Reader is especially cost-efficient and flexible in its use. It may be easily used for applications such as online-shopping, online-banking, time registration, access control, and membership registration.

The reader sets itself apart with its compact size and modern, elegant design in a black silver housing– suitable for all workplaces and counters.

The NEO Desk Reader is very easy to handle. Employees, customers, and visitors just present their transponder. The reading device will read out the appropriate transponder code and will authorize usage of the respective application. The reading process is displayed on an integrated two-color LED display.