25. August 2014

Discover the variety of personalization options for cards from iDTRONIC

iDTRONIC’s Smart-, Magnetic Stripe-, Contact Memory- and Hybrid Cards are characterised by diverse opportunities of high-quality personalization. Even for small quantities, iDTRONIC offers the best prices for cards and customer specific personalization.

You may choose from all common chip types.

4. July 2014

iDTRONIC extends the portfolio of RFID Silicone Wristbands to the new fitness wristband SILICONE Fit.

The wristband SILICONE Fit impresses with new design and a wide range of personalization options. The wristband is available in all standard colors blue, red, black, yellow and green. Like all our other RFID wristbands (Rubber, Smooth and Tag) the new wristband SILICONE Fit is available with all standard chips as LF 125KHz (EM, Hitag), HF 13.65 MHz (Mifare, DESFire, Legic) and UHF. […]

16. June 2014

iDTRONIC and the NXP Family

iDTRONIC SmartTag offers the complete product line of smart cards and smart tags based on NXP Identification products. NXP is a leading semiconductor manufacturers in the areas of identification and security. NXP MIFARE ® DESFire ® and NXP are suitable for many applications in the field of identification and in use worldwide. NXP RFID chips […]

7. May 2014

iDTRONICS personalization options

Everyone is aware of them, but no one exactly knows the variety of possible personalization options. It is not “just” a print, gravure or a simple inquiry. It is so much more – It is your special design. A unicum made just for you. Discover the iDTRONIC world that revolves only around you, and let us take care of all your needs.

11. March 2014

Classic Meets Modern


Keyfob DROP meets Keyfob EVO The RFID keyfob DROP is the proven classic among the keyfob models. In spite of the outside seemingly simple design, the key chain is just as robust as the RFID Keyfob EVO, which goes with the trend of the time not only technically especially visually, is up to date. The […]

18. February 2014

Discover our silicone bracelets in a wide variety of applications


iDTRONIC’s Silicone RFID Wristbands fits perfect for Gyms and Wellness areas Today we would like to introduce our latest silicone wristbands from iDTRONIC, which are available in three designs named SILICONE RUBBER, SILICONE TAG and SMOOTH. It can be tailored to suit your logos, designs, sayings and numbers which are engraved on the surface and […]

17. December 2013

Euro ID 2014

Euro ID 2014 in Frankfurt November 18. – 20. Experience the new hub for ID technologies from 18 – 20 November 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For the first time two leading events on the topic of identification will be co-located. => To the Website ot the Euro ID 2014

12. December 2013

Easy implementation, secure access: iDTRONIC’s Access Control Systems

The Eazy Axxess System is the perfect solution for access control and time recording in small and medium sized businesses. The whole system is modular laid out, whereby it can be configured for every specific application. Both the “stand-alone” applications as well as network access via Ethernet are possible. iDTRONIC’s Eazy Axxess targets system integrators, […]

28. August 2013

PIANO – the new key fob PIANO for access control systems and time recording

Luxurious, exclusive design and applicable for a diverse array of applications.

iDTRONIC round of their product portfolio of RFID key fobs with the particularly elegant and high-class RFID key fob PIANO.

The key fob PIANO by iDTRONIC combines the advantages of modern RFID technology in a modern design with an eye for detail.

1. August 2013

Relaxed leisure entertainment with the RFID wristband SMOOTH by iDTRONIC

The wristband SMOOTH by iDTRONIC brilliantly combines modern RFID technology with a good-looking and practical case. The SMOOTH has a high robustness, a sealed electronic unit and can be equipped with various RFID technologies. Usable types of chips include the Mifare series (i.e. Classic, DESFire, Ultralight) and LEGIC, Hitag 1/2/S or EM 4100/4200, 4450/4550.. A […]

17. July 2013

Latest LEGIC readers and transponders of the latest generation from iDTRONIC

iDTRONIC’s portfolio of LEGIC compatible products Thanks to our long-standing license partnership with LEGIC Identsystems AG, we can offer a large selection of current, innovative, and cost-effective LEGIC products. Within our LEGIC product range you will find RFID solutions for a wide variety of applications. Here is an overview of the variety of applications of […]

4. July 2013

RFID Summer Sale Action

This summer we have prepared a very special offer for you. Thanks to good calculations we were able to save costs in production and would like to pass on those savings to you. Discover a high-class product variety of RFID Readers. The iDTRONIC EVO USB Reader UHF allow for the easiest integration of modern RFID […]

19. June 2013

NFC findet zunehmend mehr Verbreitung – die Zukunft der RFID-Technologie?!

Die passende Lösung in der Vielfältigkeit der NFC-Technologie – Die iDTRONIC bietet ihre Produkte ab sofort mit allen gängigen NFC-Chips an. NFC (Near Field Communication) wird in erster Linie noch immer mit „Mobile Payment“ in Verbindung gebracht. Dabei sind die Anwendungsbereiche ebenso vielfältig wie unterschiedlich. Sie können die Vorteile der kontaktlosen Datenübertragung beispielsweise einsetzen, um […]

24. May 2013

New Wristband EVOLUTION

iDTRONIC presents new RFID wristband „EVOLUTION“ for Gyms / SPAs / Waterparks iDTRONIC completes its Smart TAGS portfolio with the remarkable robust and valuable RFID Premium-wristband EVOLUTION.

7. March 2013

LEGIC’s CTC4096-MP410: Both prime and advant in one chip

Flexibility, security, cost saving. LEGIC’s new Cross-standard-transponder-chip-platform allows you to communicate via several RF-standards (14443A and LEGIC RF). Therefore you get the possibility of soft migration into existing installations. Without replacing the data carrier, you can easily choose between prime and advant systems, depending on safety requirement. Your clients will appreciate the savings of this […]

26. November 2012

Flexible access control with iDTRONIC’s reusable RFID cards

With iDTRONIC´s RFID card ski guests enjoy contactless access to the slopes. Excited skiers can easily pass the queues in front of the ski lifts all over the world – a RFID transponder inside of the lift pass makes it possible. You simply slide over a reader which scans and for example proves if the […]

6. November 2012

RFID Wristbands – relaxed leisure with SWITCH, MOVE and SMOOTH

iDTRONICs latest innovation: The new RFID Wristband Trio SWITCH, MOVE and SMOOTH. iDTRONIC’s RFID wristbands brilliantly combine modern RFID technology with an attractive and practical case. Developed to provide the same functionality as an RFID chip card, the transponder for the non-contact transfer of information can be found inside a strong and yet pleasantly soft […]

25. April 2012

iDTRONIC presents its brand-new Keyfob BLADE

iDTRONIC, one of the leading suppliers for RFID Cards, RFID Keyfobs, RFID Wristbands, and RFID Labels presents its brand-new Keyfob BLADE today. The new Keyfob BLADE is exclusively available by iDTRONIC and can be supplied in 5 different colors. The Keyfob will be delivered with a glossy ABS housing, which is fixed with a robust […]

28. February 2012

iDTRONIC presents its improved Wrist-Band FLEX

iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID hardware products, introduces its improved Wristband FLEX. iDTRONIC’s RFID wristbands combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used like a wrist watch and make the usage of RFID technology easy. Beside their robustness iDTRONIC RFID wristbands have a sealed electronic unit and are […]

18. January 2012

iDTRONIC UHF Transponder

ISO CARDS UHF The iDTRONIC UHF ISO Cards with Alien HIGGS 3 UHF Gen2 chip and can be fitted to the ISO7810 standard produces. Our cards are available through a UHF frequency band from 860-960 MHz and can be used in all over the world. We can of course personalize the cards for you, whether […]