Contactless membership cards, access cards, library cards, company cards, charging cards & more

RFID cards are laminated plastic cards made of PVC that contain an RFID chip. Unlike chip or magnetic stripe cards, the cards do not require direct contact with the RFID reader during the reading process. The data is read at a distance.

RFID chip cards can be applied flexibly, e.g. for access control, time recording, cashless payment or to control charging processes at charging stations, etc.

In the iDTRONIC Online shop you can order RFID smart cards from the world’s leading manufacturers at attractive prices: NXP MIFARE cards, MIFARE DESFire cards, LEGIC cards and EM 4200 cards.

On request, the RFID cards can be printed with a brilliant CMYK offset print in the design of your choice and personalised with a photo, name, signature fields, serial number, etc.



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