Cylindric Tags

RFID Cylindric Tag

The Cylindric Tags are passive RFID transponders which are very useful for industrial application such as asset tracking.

Through the small size and the used Polyamid glass fibre material, the Cylindrical Tags from Smart TAG are very rugged. Thanks to its ferrite core antenna, it gives a very good reading distance in multiple directions.

These transponders are available in three different sizes and with the most common RFID IC in 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz.


  • Industry
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Logistics
Available 125 kHz ICs
IC-Type Memory Mode
Data Sheet in PDF EM 4100/4200 8 Byte Read-only
Data Sheet in PDF EM 4450/4550 125 Byte R/W
Data Sheet in PDF Atmel Temic 5567 28 Byte R/W
Available 13.56 MHz ICs
IC-Type Memory ISO
Data Sheet in PDF NXP I-Code SLI 128 Byte  ISO 15693