Verstellbare RFID Armbänder für Fitnessstudios

Adjustable Wristbands

Geschlossene RFID Armbänder für Fitnessstudios

Closed Wristbands

Single Use RFID Armbänder für Fitnessstudios

Single-Use Wristbands

Special service for unique Wristbands

We offer standard colours and special colours

We provide you with 12 chic Pantone standard colours. From a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pieces, our bracelets are also available in your favourite special colours.

We print your wristbands

Make your wristbands unique by printing them with the logo & corporate design of your gym, sports studio or soccer hall.

We engrave your wristbands

Provide your wristbands with a high-quality laser engraving (optional for better visibility with color filling).

We offer sizes for every wrist

Offer your members size adjustable bracelets or closed bracelets with different diameters. Whether men, women or children, we supply the right size for every member.


As a long-standing certified partner of leading chip card manufacturers, we offer the following chips:

  • Mifare Ultralight [HF | 13,56 MHz]
  • Mifare Classic EV1 1k / 4k [HF | 13,56 MHz]
  • Mifare DESFire EV1/2 4k / 8k [HF | 13,56 MHz]
  • LEGIC MIM 256/1024 [HF | 13,56 MHz]
  • Hitag 1 / 2 / S256 / S2048  [LF | 125 kHz]
  • EM4200 [LF | 125 kHz | read-only]
  • IDT-M1K / Fudan [HF | 13,56 MHz]*

**Further chip types on request

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    Why iDTRONIC?

    iDTRONIC has been on the market for 15 years. Numerous fitness studios at home and abroad trust in our RFID wristbands for access control.
    As the specialist for RFID-based contactless access systems we offer the following advantages:

    RFID Karten, Armbänder oder Keyfobs kaufen
    Full flexibility with a variety of
    Personalization options
    Express Service & Schnelle Lieferung
    Fair prices, short delivery times with
    Quick Service Option
    Multilingual full