MIFARE Classic 1k / 4k RFID Karten


MIFARE Classic EV1 is the most widely used RFID chip technology in the world. According to the manufacturer NXP Semiconductors, a total of more than 5 billion RFID cards with MIFARE Classic chips have already been sold. The contactless memory cards operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz (radio frequency) and reach a range of up to 10 cm. MIFARE cards do not require a battery since the RFID card is powered by the magnetic field of the reader/writer during the reading process.

MIFARE Classic cards are available in two memory sizes, 1024 bytes (1k) and 4096 bytes (4k). The memory is divided into several sectors, each of which is independently protected from unauthorized reading/writing. These sectors are divided into several blocks of 16 bytes each. This division allows multiple applications to be mapped on one card.

MIFARE Classic RFID technology is mainly used for personal identification: membership cards in the gym, visitor cards in leisure facilities, access control, time recording, contactless payment in the canteen or cafeteria, charging at e-charging stations, library cards or student cards at universities. MIFARE RFID smart cards are very flexible and find many applications in our daily life already.

Specifications MIFARE Classic EV1 1K / 4K

  • Type: RFID Smart Card Chip
  • Chip type: MIFARE Classic MF1S50 or MIFARE Classic MF1S70
  • Memory size: 1024 byte or 4096 byte EEPROM
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz (encrypted)
  • ISO/IEC support: ISO 14443 Type A 1-3
  • Format: standard plastic cards (ISO compliant approx. 8.56 x 5.398 cm)
  • UID: 7 bytes or 4 bytes
  • Segment management: 16 sectors with 4 blocks each/32 sectors with 4 blocks/8 sectors with 16 blocks each
  • Encryption: 16 bit CRC
  • Data transmission: up to 106 kbit/s
  • Range: up to 10 cm
  • Lifetime: 200,000 write cycles or 10 years

Applications of MIFARE Classic Cards

  • Public transport tickets
  • Access cards / Time cards
  • Season tickets / Annual tickets / Ticketing
  • Parking tickets
  • Student cards / Library cards
  • Customer loyalty cards / Customer retention cards
  • Employee passes

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